Month: July 2007

“Learning the way they’re living”

The title is in quotes, because I lifted it from dharter’s blog, Thinking Allowed…who in turn quoted it from Pa. schools say high-school laptop program works so far, as a rebuttal against the NY Times article, Seeing No Progress, Some Schools Drop Laptops… (phew – that was complicated :)) “They have laptops at home, iPods, “Learning the way they’re living”

creating a whole brain model for education reform

Image: Brain Dissolving Detail by flora.cyclam made available by a creative commons license on flickr. The Information Age we all prepared for is ending. Rising in its place is what I call the Conceptual Age, an era in which mastery of abilities that we’ve often overlooked and undervalued marks the fault line between who gets creating a whole brain model for education reform

mind bending…for real ;)

I just discovered this new (to me, at least) blog On the Brain by Dr. Merzenich, a leader in neuroplasticity from UCSF. I’m excited about this little discovery because brain plasticity – the ability my, your brain has to reorganize itself – supports my belief that I can find ways to help people learn, that mind bending…for real ;)

mindfulness and finding answers

“If we can help children slow down and think,” Dr. Haick [school principal, Piedmont Avenue Elementary School] said, “they have the answers within themselves.” from:In the Classroom, a New Focus on Quieting the Mind By PATRICIA LEIGH BROWN, Published: June 16, 2007, NYTimes mindfulness Powered by ScribeFire.

VoiceThread – WOW

I discovered VoiceThread while perusing Barbara’s blog Dare to Dream . It took no time at all to figure out how it works and to start playing with the technology. I literally got chills while watching the ‘What’s  a voicethread anyway?’ intro. Let’s see if it works… My first VoiceThread