How is this normal?

Don’t tell me that the system is not sick…because I won’t believe you.

The Curious Case of Ped Days in Quebec

Quebec teachers have it made. We have 20 pedagogical (PED) days throughout the school year.

History, Oh History…

At the bottom of this post is a link to a series of question and study sheets, including some sample essay questions, for the Secondary 4 History of Quebec and Canada course in the province of Quebec. I’ve only uploaded the questions and study sheets for module 4 so far. The rest should be up History, Oh History…

Gaining focus in reform

I really think that we are focusing on the wrong things in education reform. Recent education reform in Quebec – and I am sure it is similar in other areas – has focused on creating new curriculum for students. Technology reforms focus on how we can best use technology in the classroom to improve student Gaining focus in reform

Preparing the waters for change.

Image: photo of the St Lawrence River taken by me, available on flickr. mrsdurff introduced me to Class 2.0 in a recent comment on Understanding the Machine. I love the idea behind this site, and behind different workshops that places like LEARN in Quebec offer teachers. How do we negotiate the space between resources on Preparing the waters for change.