MyBlogLog Disappoints

Nov. 17 –> I have decided to discontinue my use of MyBlogLog. Not only do I find this contest wrong but I posted a comment to their thread about the issue (evidently I am not the only one who takes offense) about 3 or 4 days ago and it has not been approved for posting. When I am not comfortable with a company’s services I stop using them.

This silly contest was the first thing, then either not posting a comment because it criticizes the contest OR being negligent in responding to a community member’s criticism on their own forum was the second.

So not impressed.

From Nov. 12 –> Here is a note I recently wrote to the MyBlogLog staff:

I have met bloggers on this site from all over the world. I myself am from Canada. I think that your decision to open up a contest only to US citizens is disrespectful to all of the other bloggers out there who use your services.
Really bad decision on MyBlogLog’s part!
I am thinking of leaving this community. It is not one that welcomes all of its members :(
Tracy Rosen
ps – oh, and I am blogging about this…

What do you think? Am I overreacting? I think contests that are advertised on sites that cater to an international audience should be available to that audience. It is a generous contest that asks for participants to work at building up their communities. Sites like MyBlogLog are participatory community sites. Wouldn’t it be lovely if all of the members of the community were considered as equal participants?

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