Changing how we evaluate…utopic?

I was asked to think about this statement and how it can be considered an assumption: The notion of systemic change in how we evaluate is utopic since it goes against parent expectations and societal values. If this were true then women would never have gotten the vote and black people would still be riding Changing how we evaluate…utopic?

What do you think when you think évaluation?

Here are my explanations. Translated into English below. Continuel – l’évaluation est un aspect de mon enseignement que je suis toujours en train de faire. Conversations – l’évaluation pour moi est comme une conversation entre moi et l’élève, ainsi que leurs parents. C’est une conversation qui permet l’amélioration continuel. Rubriques – On parle beaucoup de What do you think when you think évaluation?

How is this normal?

Don’t tell me that the system is not sick…because I won’t believe you.