Motivation, feedback, tech, and me.

The ‘and me’ is key. This is in reference to me as a teacher and therefore a creator of learning situations. How do I use myself as a motivating instigator with those I teach? How do I provide effective feedback to those I teach? How do I recognize the feedback I receive from those I Motivation, feedback, tech, and me.

Flipping videos all over the place aka what is a true flip?

Does flipped learning, flipped classroom, flipped ________, have to always be about replacing content with video? Because, let me tell you, that’s what I seem to be seeing and it is driving me CRAZY that I am constantly being referred to video. I like to learn via text. Via lists. Poetry. Words. I like to Flipping videos all over the place aka what is a true flip?

Teacher as container

I remember reading an article some years back called Consultant as Container***, or something like that. It spoke about how an organizational consultant can play a role in ‘holding’ the emotion in the room during periods of change and that this act of holding can assist in allowing the change to continue. A teacher’s work Teacher as container

Flashback: seeking to understand

This post was originally written in 2009 and is still very relevant to me. I hope you think so as well. — A norm that I aspire to, however difficult it can be at times is this one: Seek to understand before being understood. I just read a story about an administrator who practices this Flashback: seeking to understand

A more appropriate method

When a student complains about his teacher’s less than motivational teaching style, his school board replies that he did not complain appropriately. How can he complain? What outlet do students have to express their concerns about their teachers? What is a more appropriate method? If they are lucky they have found an adult at their A more appropriate method