Month: June 2008

Thinking and Becoming

image from: The Cabinet of Curiosities A scream of a shout-out this time, once again, to Jose. I finally got around to reading some of his poetry on The Poetry Cafe and this one ripped a hole through me, enough to consider adding it to my short list of poems I insist kids read. You Thinking and Becoming

(Pre)flections for Next Year

In Native American spirituality, the Raven is the messenger of magic from the great void where all knowledge waits for us. He is also the symbol of changes in consciousness, of levels of awareness and of perception. from So, this year is done. Yesterday was my final pedagogical day of the 2007/08 school year (Pre)flections for Next Year

Literacies – digital and otherwise…or not.

It’s a recurring theme – how do we develop our students’ literacy skills? Literacy is “an essential component of a learning society” and as educators we strive to ensure that our students develop the keenest literacy (and numeracy) skills possible so they can be active and productive members of society…blahblahblah…so that they can belong. Lately Literacies – digital and otherwise…or not.

Ouch…important feedback

image found here –> Ms Teacher Well, I thought that none of my students were able to complete the end of year feedback assignment due to technical difficulties at school, but evidently one was able to…and I quote: …and what I didn’t like of this year was the teacher that I had becuase I she Ouch…important feedback

Residential Schools Apology: Toward a Positive Future in Canada

**Aug. 19/08. My thoughts on this apology are shifting. See the progression here** Yesterday afternoon I sat in my car with tears rolling down my face as I listened to words of healing in our government’s apology to First Nations, Metis, and Inuit peoples in Canada for residential schooling, and in the various responses to Residential Schools Apology: Toward a Positive Future in Canada