Travel Day

Montreal Metro Tunnel 1

Montreal Metro Tunnel 1

image by Flowizm on Flickr

Every day 2 of our 9-day cycle at school I take my older group of students out on a travel day. We take public transportation to travel from Chateauguay to Montreal.

Each day 2 we try to go to a new place, and each time I try to incorporate a new travel skill into the day, but today was way too cold to go crazy at -18 when we left this morning! Especially after having to wait outside for 30 minutes for our bus when we missed it by about 2 minutes…

Luckily Montreal has an underground city so we opted to wander around underground instead of do the walking tour of great graffiti I had planned. We’re going to save that for a warmer day.

Things we need to work on:

I felt that today’s trip was kind of dull, though, when I read my students’ posts I see that there are things to experience – even on dull days.

We went to Montreal for travel day

Trip to Montreal