…a new dawn, a new morning, a new chance… (podcast included)

Listen to this post[haiku url= “http://www.tracyrosen.com/leadingfromtheheart.org/wp-content/uploads/podcasts/NewDawnAug7.mp3” title= “a new dawn, a new morning, a new chance”] **today’s post houses my first podcast. Read here for notes on the process.**

mindmap for today's post, made with labyrinth mind-mapping software: http://www.gnome.org/~dscorgie/labyrinth.html

mindmap for today’s post, made with labyrinth mind-mapping software

Resources to help me prepare for the new year:

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There are some more, but this here’s a good starting point.
(don’t forget to read the comments – a lot of the learning happens after the post is written. At least for me.)

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Voicethread on classroom management – add your voice! Just click on the ‘comment’ button and go for it.

Book Lifeline

Mackenzie, R.J. (2003). Setting Limits in the Classroom (Revised): How to move beyond the dance of discipline in today’s classrooms

Listen to Omar Offendum’s New Day (RIP Nina Simone) by going to the Cosherink.com page and scrolling through the player. Heck, while you’re at it listen to all the tracks.

They’re hot.CosherInk player <– Clicky Clicky


Today I’m testing out podcasting.