Crimes against Children: Am I Not Human?

An article on today’s struck me. It seemed unbelievable, the title seemed out of a supermarket paper, a tabloid:

Quebec pastor who took child bride sentenced to 5 years

According to the article, when Daniel Cormier was 48 he, a self-proclaimed pastor, married a 10-year old member of his Church. His Church was for the homeless and addicted. He said he was saving her by marrying her, and that he was ‘entitled’ to have sex with her because she was his wife.

Daniel Cormier started a Church to minister to some of the most helpless of our society, and then he molested someone even more helpless – the child of an addict in his Church.

Like I said, it seems like a story from the tabloids. But it’s not. If it were, it wouldn’t be true. And this is heartbreaking truth.

Here’s another one:

Elderly Quebec man to serve incest sentence in seniors home

This man sexually abused his two daughters 50 years ago.

Crimes against children happen all over the world, even in our backyards. What saddens me is that I imagine for every story we read about, there are so many more we don’t know about at all. These stories are important, they are sad, devestating, stories that should not be told – but they must be told.

sigh…They must be told.

Blogging for Human Rights. Click to view source.

Blogging for Human Rights. Click to view source.