high school

First 2 days: the forensic report

Student teams building bird houses on the first day of school.

homework revolution

I just read a post by Elona Hartjes at Teachers at Risk on homework and came across this wonderful twist on homework: I like Damion Frye’s approach to homework. He teaches grade nine, and for the last three years has been assigning homework to parents. Yes, that’s right. He’s been giving homework to parents. So homework revolution

remaining curious

Image: Ghetto Curious George by the Frankfurt School made available on flickr by a creative commons license. (crossposted at leadertalk) About a week and a half ago, the night before beginning at a new school, I wrote a post called Allowing Curriculum Planning to Remain Curious. I wrote about how I needed to remain curious about remaining curious

The resilience of teacher culture

Image: Crystal by louisa-catlover made available on flickr by a creative commons license. I found this little video (link at bottom of post) through Dr. Scott McLeod’s blog dangerously irrelevant It is a speech given by Dr. Richard Elmore and it is a sobering description of a present reality in today’s schools that cries out The resilience of teacher culture

Up for a challenge, anyone?