Two Weeks and a Bit

…to get so much in :) I am SO excited to start work again. At the same time, I have so much I still want to do this summer. It’s going to be a busy 2 weeks and a bit :)

The 4 of us, the teaching and support team at Directions, met last Monday. We decided that I wouldn’t teach History this year. That brings my preps down from 4+ to 3+, which is a good thing though I will miss history. I’ll be teaching Art to grades 10 and 11, Ethics and Religious Culture to both grades, and Contemporary World Issues to grade 11. The more I think about it the more I LOVE this workload.

I also have a new blog project in the works for September. More to come on that.

Today I’m going to hang with my parents and some of their friends for lunch (always a yummy affair) and then head off to Day 2 of Under Pressure. I go every year. It’s an outdoor graffiti/skate/breakdance/dj event. It’s an international graffiti competition with all that other stuff going on around it. Sunday just about always happens at a club I worked at years ago for a number of years. A few of my old friends still work there so it’s always a hoot. Loads of fun. Just hope the rain holds off. Here’s a picture from last year, click on it to get to some others:

Skating at Under Pressure, 2008, with some graffiti being made in the background. Fun times. Click image for source.

Skating at Under Pressure, 2008, with some graffiti being made in the background. Fun times. Click image for source.

I’m going to be starting the year with a focus on graffiti in Art class, so I’m collecting data ;)

Graffiti, Skate Shops, Burgers…

Yup, that’s basically what we did today. It was another of our travel days, and this time we took the metro to Berri-UQAM Metro station and went for a bit of a walk around the area.

Montreal Metro Map

(image from

The boys spotted Underworld Skate shop right away so in we went…

After that we went to see graffiti on the buildings behind les Foufounes Electrique. These pieces are added to each year at the annual Under Pressure Show.

(image from

The boys had some fun doing tricks with Conner’s skateboard for a bit while I cringed each time one of them fell and Allison took some pictures of the graffiti.

I wanted to eat in China Town but was voted against 3-1 for McDonald’s instead…yeesh… On the way there we saw a little community of homeless people and their menagerie of dogs and cats in a makeshift blue-tarp hut. The kids were pretty impressed by that.

So we had some burgers and fries and then made our way back to school.

Let’s see what the students thought of the day…