Good times.

Things to celebrate: It’s Passover. Matzah brei and maple syrup is yummy. Even though 8 days of it may cause a few adverse effects, right now it is still yummy. My sister and her husband have found a house in Wilmington, North Carolina (Would be more of a celebration if it were closer to home, Good times.

What are you celebrating?

Montreal’s hopes of winning the Stanley Cup are slim this year but I remember the jubilation we all feel as Montrealers when they do. When I think of celebration, I think of a Stanley Cup win. Can’t help it, I am from Quebec after all. Yesterday’s post was about celebration. I learn more and more What are you celebrating?

Gotta Celebrate

Yesterday was one of those amazing, magical Montreal springtime days that remind us all why we suffer the cold and snow for 4-6 months of the year. The sun was shining and warm, people were on the streets in short sleeves, some even in shorts. The light stayed with us until almost 8 in the Gotta Celebrate