Month: November 2013

French Help…Whenever!

Learning a second language requires as much practice time with the language as possible. For second language learners, it can be truly overwhelming to try to squeeze all of your language learning into the few hours allotted for it during class-time. Now you (or your students :) can expand your learning to whenever it is French Help…Whenever!

The questions students ask…

Yesterday, a student asked me this question: “Are Jews and white people the same thing?” I started with a no, because there are black Jews, there are brown Jews. But there are a lot of white Jews. “So, is it just their religion that makes them different from white people?” I thought…and said, maybe. A The questions students ask…

Once again…it’s not about technology

I saw this image floating around twitter this morning and it pretty much sums up what I think about technology and learning. We don’t want to use technology for the sake of having a fancy, shiny tool to bedazzle our audience into learning. Like THAT’S going to work. An iPad is not going to instantly Once again…it’s not about technology