Month: March 2013

What do you believe? And does it matter?

If you don’t know who Mary Hynes is and have never listened to (and nodded with, yelled at, cried to, and questioned) Tapestry, CBC’s weekly radio show and podcast on spirituality, myth, faith, our connections then hop to it. It is inspiring and regularly leads me to question my own beliefs. A recent article by What do you believe? And does it matter?

I believe that…

…pedagogy and student success need to be priorities …technology integration is NOT about technology integration …students (and some teachers) need to be taught how to use technology ethically – how to be ethical digital citizens …first we need to care, then we need to know what we are teaching, and only then we can find I believe that…

Learning, Naturally

…or is that Acquiring, Naturally? I’ve been thinking a lot about language learning lately, as I bring a group of students towards final evaluations in a few weeks’ time. This group is small, though of the 9 students there are 6 different levels I need to evaluate. So, I repeat, I’ve been thinking a lot Learning, Naturally