Good times.

Things to celebrate:

It’s Passover. Matzah brei and maple syrup is yummy. Even though 8 days of it may cause a few adverse effects, right now it is still yummy.

My sister and her husband have found a house in Wilmington, North Carolina (Would be more of a celebration if it were closer to home, just saying). They still need to sell their home in Athens, Ohio though. If you are looking, contact her by clicking the link :)

So far 10 of our 25 grade 11 students have received acceptance letters from their CEGEPs of choice. Most of the others have plans for trade schools. I’m absolutely tickled pink for all of them!

This coming 4 day weekend is expected to have sunny days with temperatures in the low to mid 20s. Nice.

Getting a spine

My back is hurting. It always hurts when I’m thinking of important things. Things I am passionate about. Things that I need to speak out about. I need to get a spine.

More on that later.

Kimimaro is Sad by Rikona. Click for source.

Reality check re: time

We have 52 teaching days left this year before the evaluation period. And that includes the 2 weeks my grade 11s will spend away from school on stage.

Holy crapola.

52 days to accomplish the world!

Luckily spring seems to have come early this year. I just witnessed a MOSQUITO flying up the wall in my living room! In March. In Eastern Ontario. Maybe the warm weather will make the balance of the year seem to go on forever. I feel I have so much work to do with my kids, as if we are just beginning. Some of them have achieved so much this year.

They amaze me every day,

Spinning the positive

Contemporary world issues has a negative focus. I’ve been asked why we need to learn/watch/read/talk about such depressing things. Tension, conflict, power struggles, disparity… those are some of the themes. What if I put a spin on them? Creative tension. Power to change. Collaboration. Instead of focusing on the problems, I want to focus on the cool things people are doing all over the world.

Like this.

As John Chu says in the intro, people are becoming their own heroes. Developing their own dances by borrowing and remixing from others around the world as they become available. Wild.

Just a little something I’m thinking about. To be continued…