Month: July 2009

New Media Literacies? Please.

This post began as a comment to The New Media Literacies by Susan Carter Morgan over at scmorgan: teacher, learner, which, by the way, is my addition to the One Comment Project (#OCP) for today. I have a hard time with the term ‘media literacies’. These aren’t literacies. Plain and simple. They are tools and New Media Literacies? Please.

The Watkinson Garden

[cross-posted at 09/10~Looking Forward] During our conversation on climate change, Marcy Webb told me about a girl named Mary, a high school student who “…has chosen to devote her summer to sustainability. She is helping to cultivate an herb and veggie garden, on the school grounds. The goal is that the bounty from the garden The Watkinson Garden

Driving, listening, and drafting new models

I live pretty far from most things (except the corn fields, they’re close by) and when I need something I jump in my car. The other night it took 2 hours to pick up dog food… but that was a mistake (Note to self – don’t try new routes while the dogs are waiting for Driving, listening, and drafting new models

Being together

Kindness, I’ve discovered, is everything in life. Isaac Bashevis Singer (via nezua) Yesterday I commented on Kelly Hines’ post Core Beliefs about my own core belief that learning happens in community. Today I found this beautiful sentence in  Michael Doyle’s post Puddles: When one wanders away from one’s usual world, it’s good to have company. Being together

feedreader overload

Over the years I have been adding feeds to my feedreader willy-nilly. As a result it’s a wild overgrown garden. I can’t keep up with the info that feeds into my system. As with any other time I become overwhelmed, I’ve shut down and haven’t been keeping up with the blogs I used to read feedreader overload