Month: May 2009

Do you add students as facebook friends?

I do. I know teachers who absolutely refuse to as well. Where do you stand? At the beginning of the year I tried different online techniques to give out information (homework, resources, etc…) and found more and more that students weren’t using the software or the applications. My facebook status updates usually looked like, “don’t Do you add students as facebook friends?

classroom conversations with myself

I read this today and it rings so very true: The last weeks of school is something that few people really understand.  When I was in business I often thought that teachers had it easy.  To those business people (including my former self) – I ask them to imagine if budgeting, taxes, capital budgets, montly classroom conversations with myself

Lessons from fake blogs

I want to reassure those of you who read this blog that it is all real. Moreover, I am a real person – Tracy, a dog owning, just bought a house, reflective, love my job as a teacher, can’t wait to get to the country, goofy grin and all, real person. Just thought I’d reassure Lessons from fake blogs

Teacher Appreciation Card

A Card For Teachers via kwout A Card For Teachers via kwout