My core values are caring, kindness, and integrity. They reside within a framework of relationship and hope for the future.

How do they play out in this blog?

I strive to model, through my words and actions, what it is to be kind and caring, and at the same time act with integrity regarding what and how I write.

I use this blog as a way to engage in dialogue about what it means to care for each other and our students, and how best to encourage caring, kindness, and integrity in their lives.

I look for ways to help students practice caring and kindness and integrity of action in and out of the classroom, and to improve my own.

I am curious about you, why you agree or disagree with me and others. I think that every day we are here we have the potential to move to our highest selves.

(“… This is an opportunity for you to rise to your highest self. There it is.” ~KRS-One)

so I look for instances of that every where. I point them out. I strive to confirm them.

Having said all that, I can live with the following :)

Code of Blogging Ethics

To write, publish, and be read is a privilege and responsibility. Being mindful of that privilege and responsibility:

  1. I do not barter my words or my silence.
  2. I write and advocate openly and honestly.
  3. I strive for accuracy, avoiding errors and correcting them when discovered.
  4. I strive for balance; even in advocacy, I do not distort or suppress obviously relevant facts to bolster my argument.
  5. I welcome and invite open dialogue and conversation through comments, email, and trackbacks.
  6. I disclose my sources fully, through credits, links and trackbacks, unless the source, with good grounds, requests anonymity; moreover, I trackback where relevant and possible.
  7. I respect copyright; my own words are licensed with a Creative Commons license Creative Commons License
  8. I let the record stand; I do not delete posts, or parts of them, unless not doing so would violate one of these principles and give notice that I have done so. If I modify a post, it is to add to it; and I mark these additions clearly.
  9. I reveal material conflicts-of-interest.
  10. I, as a member of the Human Systems Intervention community (HSI 2006) and as a teacher, remember that everything I do is as a helping practitioner, within the spirit of my values of kindness, integrity, compassion, and hope.

This code of ethics was inspired by Tyme White , who was in turn inspired by Allen Jenkins.